Five simple steps to order a customized carpet:
• Design selection
• Specify quality
• Size
• Shape
• Approve CAD

We take pride in our custom made carpets and facilitate our buyers to customize floor covering in five simple steps. Customization of carpet, initiates with design selection, depending on the style, motifs and other participating elements.
If accessible, one can also endow with picture or specifications. We can also consider the design of carpet from magazines, online designs, which will be incorporated, accordingly. While choosing designs, one should consider the quality of carpet and also specify quality to the manufacturer, as some designs probably are possible to manufacture in few qualities. Intricacy of designs suits few specific weave type and fiber at times.

Color selection can be done considering the broader outlook of the carpet. For instance, the ground and border are the areas reflecting prominent colors, followed by the rest coloration. One can choose to provide hue specification to each area or may even specify the desired colors and the rest will be designed by the professionals.

Once all these factors including size and shape are finalized, CAD is sent to you via E-mail. Hence, you can modify and if wish, you can also provide swatches of fabric, pom-poms, shade card, etc. As these inputs aid in catering an accurate yet desired product. Nevertheless, subsequent to approve CAD, manufacture initiates production, where the buyer is informed for the consumable time and cost.

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