• What is Custom-made carpet?
• What are the types of custom made carpets?
• Custom made carpets best suitable for?
• How much a custom-made carpet would cost?
• How would I take care of my custom made carpet?
• How long it will take to get a custom carpet produced?
• How my carpet will be delivered to me?
• What is the difference between a rug and a carpet?

What is Custom-made carpet?
A carpet manufactured specially, for a particular buyer or person, is termed as Custom made carpet. A custom made carpet, or bespoke carpet pleases, and bestows the buyer an abiding contentment.
Initially, the term was applied to the high-end tailored clothes, where today, it implies to many items. Bespoke, the term derived from bespeak, states, “to give order for it to be made”. Custom made carpets can be better explained as carpets that are manufactured as per your personal specifications. These are co-created by the buyer and the manufacturer, and both of them have to participate, where buyer implicitly or explicitly, communicates the producer. Such rugs and carpets are best suitable for odd contours of a dwelling, or for people who are particular and concerned about their choices.

Made-to-order, custom made rugs or carpets help to fulfill each requirement that can be asked for. From color to design, fiber, and even the price, you have the opportunity to pick a floor covering that suits best to your persona, preference and pocket.
Besides, custom-made-area rugs are also available in the market, where you can personalize an area rug to accentuate a specific area of the dwelling. Custom made area rug is designed exclusively as per your specification considering a particular area of the floor. Generally, readymade rugs and carpets are manufactured in standardized design, color, shape and size. Readymade rugs may not fit a dwelling with odd contours. Personalized area rugs not only cover the floor and set well in the corners, but also facilitate to accentuate sections of a room.

What are the types of custom made carpets?
Custom made carpet, a term that states that the carpet is specially designed and manufactured as per your specifications, but there are stores who experiment a lot and create new and innovative floor coverings. Such rugs and carpets may strike to you and you can also pick them directly, making required changes. The types of custom made carpets can be bifurcated under few categories:

Type of weave:
• Hand-knotted: The carpets that are made making knots by hand.
• Hand-tufted: The carpets that are made using a tufted gun, operated manually.
• Flat weave: These types of floor coverings do not have pile, they are made by surrounding the yarn over and under the warp and weft.
• Hand-loom: These are made on wooden loom operated manually, they may or may not embrace pile.

• Traditional: The traditional carpets are very formal, precisely set motifs and basic colors give that ethnic look to the carpet.
• Modern: Modern carpets are very creative, where the designs and colors embraced can be very innovative and flamboyant.
• Transitional: The transitional styled carpets are excellent for the dwellings which are adorned using a compilation of

traditional and contemporary home dιcor. Transitional carpets portray blend of traditional and modern styles of carpeting.

• Area rugs: Area rugs are those which are not installed wall-to-wall, and they are generally thrown on the floor without fixing

it. Area rugs are also used to highlight specific spot.
• Shags: Shags generally embrace excess length of pile over them, and these carpets serve best in high traffic area.
• Runners: that are designed to cover the staircase are known as runners. Exquisitely designed staircases are beautified

with floor coverings made as per their unique style, shape and size. Runners can also be put in the passages and bedsides.
• Throws: Throws are generally used on sofas and beds, to make it lively along with beauty. These can be used on the floor,

on the walls also.
• Durries: Durries are floor covering made using flat-weave technique. These are very durable, and color can do magic.
Commercial carpets: Carpets that embrace logo, or imprints of the company or are used for commercial purpose are mostly customized. Have you ever wondered about the floors of the hotel that you visited and liked the most? Commercial set ups look for carpets that help in marketing their brand, this can easily be done by embossing their logo, inlay prints, images, and messages that suits best for them. If you are planning to set your business, custom carpets are best for you.

Custom made carpets best suitable for?
Custom made carpets are best suitable for the oddly shaped rooms, where the standard sized floor covering are hard to fit in. In simple terms when it gets difficult to pick readymade rugs for any reason, be it the size, shape, color or design, one can get hands on custom made ones.

At times, beautifully architected dwellings boast odd shapes and to accentuate them with carpets becomes problematic. Bespoke floor covering can be an aid, as you have an opportunity to choose color, size, style, fiber, texture, etc. Carpets are all about feel and the ambiance, they bestow a place.
Seeking to the given information one can deliberate a floor covering with ease.

How much a custom-made carpet would cost?
Customizing a carpet is completely flaunting your personal style statement. Redesigning or planning a new dwelling, carpet are must have of a dwelling. These days’ carpets are more preferable than hard wood flooring, reasonably their cost being so affordable. Cost of a carpet depends on various intriguing factors, for instance, fiber, weave type, design, style, size, quality, etc. Carpet manufacturers offer cheap carpets, and apply many tactics to sell, but more of these prove t be scams later.
Custom made carpets are highly in demand and high end dwelling can only be accentuated by such beauties. These carpets cost a few extra than readymade carpets, bestowing an unmatched satisfaction and an unparalleled design. Carpet customization is mainly done to personalise and who cares about spending a few extra to get that contentment. Spending a big chunk on quality carpet once is worth, than buying cheap carpets, many times. Nevertheless, many companies keep the quality maintained notwithstanding low or limited budget, but make sure you buy from a reliable vendor. A carpet cost can be calculated per square foot, depending on the intricacy of design, fiber employed, weave type, and size. One can definitely choose to pick according to the requirement.

Moreover, it is said that customization of a carpet is one of the best way to play around with colors, lights and the feel of a dwelling. To make your investment cost effective, choose to buy a hand-knotted wool carpet, as they tend to serve for more than three decades.

How would I take care of my custom made carpet?
Custom made carpets are highly precious, deliberated minutely considering each element. Maintenance of rugs and carpet is highly crucial and a tedious job as well. Cleaning them regularly bestows a longer time span, keeping up the splendor. Seeking assistance from professional carpet cleaning companies can aid in maintenance of the master piece. The industry facilitates by providing a wide range carpet cleaning solutions and devices, for domestic as well as professional usage.
Amidst the available options one can choose to pick according to the carpet and the degree and type of filth. Prior getting your hands on cleaning the entire carpet, test it on a patch of carpet. Regular vacuuming at both the sides can helps to avoid dirt collate at the foundation, which actually demands cleanliness.


Various techniques of carpet cleaning:
• Steam cleaner: Such cleaners are equipped with various tools to clean the carpet. Also known as ‘Steamvac’ these cleaners emit steam particles embracing cleaning solution.
• Shampooing: Shampooing a carpet aids in removing the grimes, dust and other stains on the carpet. A wide range of available shampoos facilitates you to choose the best suitable product.
• Spot cleaner: Specially manufactured these aerosol sprays are helpful in removing small stains, can be directly applied on the stain and blotted to dry.
• Professional cleaning: At times the carpet seems dull and dirty, where all these home remedies failed to work. Professional carpet cleaning makes the carpet all new once again and a thorough cleaning may keep the floor covering maintained, for long. Such processes add sheen to the carpet by using brighteners and other chemical based products.

How long it will take to get a custom carpet produced?
Carpets are mend to be felt, the ambiance and the feel of the space transforms drastically just by placing a carpet or by replacing the old one. Customization adds star to it, enmesh of meticulously designed handmade rugs and carpets according to your personal specification.

To establish the timeline that your customized carpet will take engrosses two major factors. One, the type of carpet and second its size. Well, the type of carpet includes few factors, such as the intricacy of the design and the technique of construction (weave type). The increased intricacy in design ultimately leads to more time consumption. The type of weaving is another very crucial factor, as a hand-knotted carpet takes across a time span of 2 months to 2 years for construction. Where the hand tufted carpet can be prepared in less than six months.
Moreover, a handloom and Tibetan carpet also takes few months, depending on the size.

How my carpet will be delivered to me?
Undoubtedly, while customising a carpet we get attached to it, and our emotions get affected with the results. Masterfully manufactured customized carpets are prized possession and while transport we have to be really careful and concerned on maintaining the actual shape of the carpet.
There are various modes, but we recommend sending it through courier or by air. Manufactured making several knots, spending hours of times to give it that look and appeal, one should be really careful while handling it.

What is the difference between a rug and a carpet?
Rugs and carpets are emblem of sheer beauty and excellence. Generally, both the terms are interchangeably used for floor coverings. And there is not much difference in both the terms. Floor coverings are made in various styles, designs and shape, but the major difference between the two terms is of size. The diversification between the two terms is as follows:
• Carpets are floor coverings which are installed wall-to-wall, and they cover the entire area of the room. A carpet refers to a term more traditional and huge in size in comparison to rugs. Accentuating the beauty of the room, carpets are fixed on the floor. It is also elaborated as ‘A floor covering larger than 40 square feet is tagged as carpets, and lesser is known as rug’.

• Rugs are cut-out pieces, they are not installed wall-to-wall, and they cover a specific area. Thrown on the floor, they highlight a specific area, and make more lively and cozy ambiance. Rugs play a much wider role in home dιcor, as they engross multiple usages. Rugs can enhance a section of the room, or can be hung on the wall as tapestry, and can even be thrown on sofa and bed to enhance their beauty and add a touch of class to them. Smaller size facilitates the owner to roll them when not required, or can be used by changing the place. Prayer rugs, foot rugs, and small rug in the centre of kid’s room are more vital roles that these play in home dιcor.
Nevertheless, rugs and carpets collectively have reached to the position where both emboss awe-inspiring splendor.

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