You must have often discovered mesmerizing floor coverings and have strived to pick them for your place, but may not have matched the shape of the carpet. Nevertheless, you don’t have to forsake, now you can get any design done as per your specification.

Weaving a carpet involves various processes and the initial is to prepare a layout of the carpet. The style of the carpet, motifs, design, colors, shape, size, weave type, quality and fiber are considerable elements of a carpet. When buying most of us find the appeal and splendor of the carpet, where there are compilations of factors that bestow that astonishing look to it.
Pattern in a carpet denotes to the outline, where the style, design, border, motifs are brought on a paper, known as map. This is a blue print of the carpet with your specification, which artisans follow knot by knot to weave a master piece. Further, you can read the factors affecting pattern of a carpet, such feasible information will facilitate you to choose the perfect carpet for you.

• Shape
• Style
• Design & Motifs
• Size

Floor coverings play a vital role in home décor, and are manufactured in numerous style, shapes and sizes. These rugs and carpets eccentrically can accentuate the ambiance of the room. Enduring for long time, these embrace high quality, and are made considering minute details.

Carpets are made to cover the entire floor and they are installed wall-to-wall, set nicely in each corner. A carpet can serve for years, if it is chosen accordingly. To pick one, that matches your ingeniously architected room is crucial. While designing the abode, you lay all your thoughts and dreams, deliberating a delightful and pleasing place to live, close to the one, you dreamt of. Customization of floor coverings helps to accentuate each area appropriately, proving to be an aid for oddly shaped rooms.
While buying rugs or carpets you have number of choices in hand. The shape of carpet essentially depends on the contour of the place and décor in the room. It can also be a focal point of décor, for instance, a round floor covering that’s perfect for a round table or enveloped by high-end furnishings. Specially, for a chic style modern dwelling you can do a lot of experiments with shapes and color to create that magic. Choose to tailor the shape of the floor covering that you like, let it be an artistically designed piece.

Nevertheless, an inimitably shaped bespoke floor covering can accentuate any area and can do wonders flawlessly. You can opt to shape that suits your room or can made to measure that you long for. Besides, you may find below mentioned shapes:
• Round
• Rectangular
• Square
• Oval
• Hearts
• Shamrock
• Star
• Runner

Stylish yet sophisticated, up market yet your personal favorite. Carpets and rugs placed on the floor portray your personal style statement. An eclectic carpet, along with ultra-chic and modern style decors, in a contemporary dwelling is an incredible sight to behold.

Carpets are often mistaken for their styles, as most of the people judge carpet style, by its texture and loops. Contradictory, carpet style actually refers to the carpet as a whole, comprising of design, fiber, color and motifs. There are few basic styles that classify a carpet from traditional to contemporary. Mughal and Persian carpets known from erstwhile era boast basic colors, and symmetrically set traditional motifs.
Floor coverings made initially encompassed traditional ethnic look, with precisely set motifs and basic colors. Drastic transformations in fashion trends were followed by carpet industry. Where carpets were conventional, today, modern carpets are very experimental. Bright colors, innovative motifs and optional border and fringes, contemporary floor coverings are truly experimental.

Today, sky is the limit and regardless of any limitations, thoughts and creation are bought to reality. Carpets and rugs portray awe-inspiring and striking designs with flamboyant color palettes. Designer rugs go hand-in-hand with current day décor, adorning high end sophisticated palaces and dwellings. One can pick any style and transform it as per the prerequisite, flaunting personal style statement.

However, transitional carpets are an aid to such houses which boast an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary decors. These embrace bright yet pleasing color hues, innovatively set motifs and artistically set borders. Bespoke rugs and carpets are quintessence of sheer luxury and extravagant. Touches of elegance with style, making the place cozier, don’t limit yourself, play around with imagination, accentuate and beautify your dwelling.
• Traditional
• Transitional
• Modern
• Contemporary
• Naturals

Design & Motifs:

Designing in various parts of the carpet such as ground (inner field), the center of the carpet (majorly medallion) and its border (inner, guard), all these are like the frames. Designing in carpet can even be interpreted as the blue print in architecture, the movement of the pattern and its limitations are judged through.

The pattern of a carpet is one of the significant elements, as the style of the carpet largely depends on the design, motifs and its implication. Few of the designs are highly labor intensive and the cost of the carpet increases with increased intricacy in the design. Symmetrically set allover pattern embellished in the inner field, outer stripes, and border, accordingly.
Botanical, geometrical (stripes, block, prism, ellipse, prism), damask, portrait, floral or mesh work, a carpet enmeshes intricate designs. The Oriental carpets are known for their designs containing medallion in center, besides these days’ people also like contemporary designs. Customization of a carpet for your stylized dwelling bestows an opportunity to choose your favorite design and motifs that you want the floor covering should emboss.
From jazzy to traditional, one can pick style and motifs that fit their distinct style. Modern style carpet, flamboyant and intricate pattern accentuates the present-day décor. Brag you personal style, a carpet is not mere a floor covering.

Design specification: (Parts of carpet)

Motifs :
• Geometrical
– Stripes
– Blocks
– Curves
– Prism
– Ellipse

• Floral
• Damask
• Animal prints
• Veins or mesh, scrolling
• Medallion
• Patch work
• Tribal
• Portrait
• Sketch


Size is one of the most common pitfalls, while searching for a floor covering. Before selecting a carpet a bit of homework is required to decide whether a wall-to-wall carpet is to be installed, or an area rug will do well. Big, small, medium, and extremely large, a hue of floor coverings is available in global market. Choosing one that sets well in the odd contours of your creatively architected place is a bit tedious to choose.

Custom-built floor covering allows modification in size and design and sets well in oddly shaped rooms. Colossal carpets are also manufactured, possible via arranging the tiles of the carpet.

Carpet tiles are squares of a carpet, which are arranged, and installed together via seams. Such carpets are manufactured to cover extremely large areas, they are easy to maintain and install, in comparison to a broadloom carpet. Broadloom carpets are also manufactured to cover larger areas but, without creating seams, as they are woven on very wide looms. Broadloom carpets are handmade carpets, available in various styles and designs, and integrate a hue of colors to choose on from.
On the contrary to gigantic sized carpets, small size floor coverings or mats are best suitable for doorsteps. These not only accentuate and welcome, but also protect our exquisite master pieces from direct attack of dirt, debris and stains. These are sealed at the back with a rubber gripper, and are fade resistance, hence can rely on them for longevity. These small sized mats help in bestowing a longer life span to the master piece.

Customization of rugs and carpets regardless of boundaries and limitations, facilitate to accentuate dwelling, flaunting your true style.

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